SRI FOOTWEAR - Cbeyond is ripping us off.

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Back i Jnauray of 2011, we were visited by a Cbeyond sales representative, Jose Flores who claimed that Cbeyond will help us save hundreds of dollars from AT&T, we did the changed and made the mistake to sign a four year contract. Our service has been desatrous, we cannot communicate with many overseas customers because the calls do no go through, we are no longer able to make three way calls, and worst of all our rates DOUBLED from what we were paying AT&T, we have been in constant communications with Carter Berckly in Atlanta who refuses to rfelease us from the contract and we continue to have a nightmare with CBEYOND.

Beware when a sales rep from CBYOND visits your business!


Review about: Cbeyond Telecumunications.

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